Limited Time Cereals, Here For A Good Time Not A Long Time

Hear ye! Hear ye! Mark your calendars for March 7th because your cereal world is about to get rocked. This illustrious date in the history of mankind happens to be National Cereal Day. Did you not know this? Fortunately, we’re tracking it for you.

So, the question remains, how will you celebrate? You could eat cereal for all three meals. You could share your favorite cereal with your favorite person. Or I guess if you really want to you could have a regular old Thursday. My regular Thursdays often involve cereal for dinner anyway though.

Kick Off National Cereal Day In Style

If you are looking for a super special way to kick off National Cereal Day or just want to spice up your Thursday, Post Cereals has you covered. On March 7th they will be launching two limited time cereals at Walmart. Sure, it’s unfortunate they’re launching at Walmart. But they’re unique enough that you’ll get over it. These two new cereals have already been on the shelves in the great white north, Canada, but will soon be gracing our American shelves. These cereals are both sweet and savory. Fun and nutritious. Great for all ages.

I am sure you’ve all heard of Honey Bunches Oats. They have some pretty regular breakfast morning flavors. Adding in things like almonds, brown sugar, making the flakes honey roasted. I think when many people think of Honey Bunches of Oats, they think it is an old person cereal. Well not anymore!

Coming March 7th to a Walmart near you is Honey Bunches of Oats alter ego…Honey Brunches of Oats! With two new cereal flavors chicken and waffles as well as maple bacon donuts. You get the best of both worlds with these two flavors. These cereals satisfy your sweet tooth while give you a savory flavor to savor. The yin to the yang of flavor combos. They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day so why not start off with a bang?

Chicken and Waffles

Let’s focus in on each of the cereals individually. First, chicken and waffles. A southern classic that Post has been able to compress down into cereal form. The superior form. The cereal is made up of two different kinds of flakes. One type of flake actually looks like little chicken drum sticks. The other flake type looks like little waffles. What is more fun than eating miniature forms of food?

Maple Bacon Donuts

The second cereal is maple bacon donuts. This seems to have become a huge flavor combo in the past couple of years, but once again, why would you not want to eat it in tiny cereal form? Following the same trends as the chicken and waffle cereal there are still two different types of flakes. The first being little donuts and the second being little “bacon bits”. Together they make a deliciously deadly combination.



Make sure to set a reminder on your phone, mark your calendar, and start your engines and head to Walmart on March 7th for some limited time cereals that will change breakfast forever. Learn More


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