LITEBOXER Brings Fun, On-Demand Boxing to Your Home

Nowadays, it’s all about home workouts. From Instagram Live and virtual classes to high tech modern equipment, there’s something for every level and interest. Of course, everyone knows the ever-popular Peloton, MIRROR, and NordicTrack. But it doesn’t end there—we’re seeing more and more new and innovative workout equipment crop up.

A new kid on the block is LITEBOXER, created for your ultimate at-home boxing experience. With six LED-lit pads, the reimagination of the standup punch ball looks more like an extraterrestrial device than workout equipment. It’s definitely got that cool factor and it will get you sweating too!

A new way to box

This state-of-the-art fitness experience comes at the perfect time with restrictions at gyms, safety in mind, and high-stress levels. LITEBOXER’s LB digital LED punching pad gives you six punch zones for striking that records power and accuracy.

The different pads will test your accuracy and coordination while you build up a sweat to the beat of any song. They light up and direct where you should hit in a given program.

Below the six punch pads is a separate pad for body blows. Further down the stand is a device holder for your phone or tablet to stream music and workouts. The RHYTHM TECHNOLOGY function syncs the LITEBOXER with your smart device so you can punch to anything from Eye of the Tiger to the Baby Shark Remix.

There are several routines from top trainers that will help you on your way to your very own Rocky montage. These routines can be accessed through LITEBOXER’s training app.

The training program is led by Leyon Azubuike, a former US heavyweight, kick-boxer Eliza Shirazi, and fitness trainer Emily Collins. There are different levels and durations from quick workouts to challenges against peers.

Pricing for the LITEBOXER starts at $1,495. The monthly subscription is $29 a month after your three-month trial expires. It’s not exactly the most affordable or accessible—it’s definitely an investment.

But if you’ve got change to spare and are in need of a new way to sweat at home, LITEBOXER can be worth it. That figure can equate to about the same as weekly boxing classes at your local gym, but at the comfort of your own home. Buy Here