Summer’s Lit When You Have A Lodge L410 Cast Iron Grill

One of the best things about Summer is taking the grill out and cooking up a feast with family and friends. This mid-price rugged, charcoal hibachi-style grill made of durable cast iron is the solution to all your outdoor food adventures. From a simple grill out with the crew in your backyard to tailgating and camping, Lodge’s L410 Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill is seasoned and ready to use. With a grill surface of 17¼” x 9”, you can cook enough for a small crowd. The seasoned cast iron grates will give your food a kick of unique flavor. A removable draft door regulates the heat and makes it easy to keep your grub warm or to control the temperature.

You can also heat your coffee or tea when you need to warm up during those chilly nights. A second flip-down door provides easy access to the coals. The grill has two heights to adjust to your comfort, an attached handle for carrying, and a built-in shelf for your utensils. The Lodge’s L410 Cast Iron Sportsman’s Grill is compact and easy to store away, but isn’t light enough for carrying on arduous hikes. While the grill may not be the most portable, it is superior in construction, durability, functionality, and is a great investment. Buy Here

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