LogOX Turns You Into A Regular Lumberjack

There’s nothing more manly than a lumberjack. And trust us, the ladies love it too. Get yourself a flannel, a beard, an ax, and you’re all set. You’ll be the nightmare that trees tell their children at bedtime and the dream that girls share at a bachelorette party. Okay, okay. It isn’t that easy. Let’s not forget that a good lumberjack also needs to have the muscles to chop down trees. Or, you could be a modern lumberjack by picking up LogOX. With this nifty little tool you’ll be the first lumberjack wearing glasses and some Converse.

Big Man Multi-Tool

You might already carry a multi-tool in your pocket each day. In fact, we hope you do. There’s nothing better than having the right tool for the job no matter what. But what if your pocket multi-tool isn’t big enough for the task at hand? Uh oh.

Actually, take that uh oh back. It’s no problem if you have a LogOX. This 3-in-1 tool is a log hauler, cant hook, and timberjack all in one convenient package. In one sturdy assembly, the LogOX helps you get your work done safer and more efficiently.

Meanwhile, you’ll be saving loads of money. The LogOX combines over $300 worth of forestry tools in a compact, 12.0lb tool. If you use any of these tools normally, then it is a worthy investment.

What’s Inside?

A lumberjack’s arsenal is key to the work that will be done. Without high-quality tools, you have no hope of felling the world’s strongest trees. Fortunately, LogOX is built to accept this challenge and destroy any obstacle in your way.

First, a 21-inch log hauler helps you engage, pick up and move log rounds or split pieces without bending over. You also won’t be swinging a pulp hook or pickaroon. Your back will thank you in no time flat. The ergonomic EZ-grip horizontal, hardwood handle makes this a great short cant hook for portable sawmills.

Oh but wait, what if you need a longer cant hook? Good thing you have a 38-inch one built in. This lets you roll larger logs with ease. In fact, it is designed to handle everything from 7” to 32” in diameter. All you have to do is attach the hook handle extension to the hauler.

Finally, the LogOX finishes strong with a 38-inch timberjack. This lets you quickly lift smaller logs (up to 12” in diameter) from the ground. It forms a solid cutting platform in order to prevent chain damage to your saw when it strikes the ground. It also eliminates bar pinch and dangerous kickback from your chainsaw. The T-bar attaches quickly and without the need for tools.


This American made product is guaranteed for life with a 100% Ironclad Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Rugged hollow-frame American steel construction means you’ll be sawing logs for years to come. Wait, no, that means something else. You’ll be the best lumberjack around. Paul Bunyon, who? Buy Here



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