Lolo Lids Hide Your Can Of Beer In A Coffee Cup


Lolo Lids are here to help you discretely drink canned beer in public. And before you think that you’re going to have to drink out of a obviously fake coffee cup, let me just tell you that the Lolo Lid is the same dimensions as a standard coffee cup lid, so it fits most of the cups you get at coffee shops (cough, cough STARBUCKS, cough, cough). All you need to do is secure your can to the Lolo Lid and let the good times roll.

But wait, there’s more!

The Lolo Lid isn’t just great for hiding your brews, according to the company’s website, by suspending your beer inside the cup, the layer of air insulates your can, keeping it cold in the summer and your hands warm in the winter. Hot Damn. These people thought of everything!

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