Lonegrade HDR140: Built For Time, In Every Sense of The Word

Lonegrade is known for producing some of the highest quality timepieces on the market, and this one specifically is really built for time. Yes, it can obviously tell the time. But it lasts the time as well. All the time. The HDR140 is hand built to outlast just one owner and will be reading time for as long as clocks around the world continue to tick.

Handbuilt Quality

This handsome watch is built by hand using only the best of materials, meaning it is a very sturdy piece. The simplistic design makes it a perfect watch for any situation. The minimalistic style allows the watch to be a subtle but nice accent to whatever else you are wearing, thus fitting with everything; instead of trying to take all the attention. But let me get back to the build quality. This piece is powered by a Swiss Ronda Caliber 713 with unmatched precision. The battery life lasts up to 3 years, so keeping this watch going is a very easy task.

The 40 mm case is made of stainless steel which fits nearly any wrist size. The watch itself is water resistant up to 100 meters deep. The covering of the watch is made of sapphire crystal, which makes it tough and scratch resistant. The stainless steel numbers are raised above the surface of the watch and under an antireflective material to make reading this in any conditions as easy as possible. All this is wrapped in an American domestic cowhide leather strap to hold things tightly together with quick release pins.

This watch is assembled using only the best materials. All watches are made for telling time, but hardly any can stand over time like the Lonegrade HDR 140. With a simplistic and understated design that fits and scenario and handcrafted quality that stands above the rest, this watch is really something special. Buy Here

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