Lordstown Motors Brings Us the Their All-Electric Pickup Truck

All the memes and uproar, both good and bad, over Tesla’s recent reveal of the Cybertruck may have overshadowed the quiet frontrunner in the race to bring the first all-electric pickup truck to the U.S. market. Lordstown Motors is a newly formed small Ohio startup who is powering past industry giants like Ford, GM, and Tesla, all with the same goal. Their prized horse is the Endurance, an all-electric pickup truck slated to be the first of its kind released. Despite recent announcements from Ford, GM, and Tesla on their electric trucks, it’s Lordstown Motors who will be in production the soonest. Lordstown Motors has begun accepting pre-orders for the Endurance, which is due to go on sale in late 2020. The Endurance will initially focus on selling to fleets, but will also be available to consumers.


The rise of a startup

The Endurance is designed based on tech that already exists, proven and already used in hundreds of delivery trucks. This tech was developed by CEO and founder Steve Burns when he ran Loveland, Ohio-based Workhorse Group, which developed battery-electric powertrains for delivery trucks, including UPS, FedEx, and DHL. Burns left Workhorse earlier this year and founded Lordstown Motors.

The Lordstown Motors headquarters is in one of the largest and most productive plants, previously owned by GM. The plant sits in a whopping 6.2 million-square-feet and is fully equipped. It has a 50+ year history dating back to 1966 and have produced over 16 million cars in its lifetime.

On the road to vehicles of the future

Electric vehicles are the future, and Lordstown wants to build vehicles that fixes challenges that limit modern work, starting with the Endurance. The pickup features an all-electric range up to 250+ miles per charge. It has an extended brake life due to its re-gen braking. The Endurance features True Four-Wheel Drive for any challenges on the road or trail. No oil changes and no emissions mean a more eco-friendly approach to driving. The extra-large frunk space is perfect for all your off-road needs and Costco runs. The Endurance is priced starting at $52,500. Learn More

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