Lotus’ New Elise Classic Heritage Editions Pay Homage To The Past

Race cars of today look far different than they did 30 years ago. In fact, even cars from just 10 years ago stand out compared to modern vehicles. However, racing and cars in general wouldn’t be what they are today without those historic makes and models.

As such, paying homage to the past is always a nice thing to do. Lotus just launched four new limited-edition versions of its Elise sportscar that do just that. Each model is a tribute to a different era of the company’s pioneering racing leg750

Through The Decades

Lotus’ latest cars come in four unique color palettes that each represent a different era of the company’s heritage. The black and gold combination is a reference to the iconic Lotus Type 72D, in which Emerson Fittipaldi won five victories during the course of the 1972 F1 season.

Red, white, and gold pays homage to the Type 49B driven by Graham Hill in 1968. The blue, red, and silver model is inspired by Nigel Mansell’s 1980 Lotus Type 81.

Meanwhile, the fourth Elise is finished in blue and white as a tribute to the Lotus Type 18 design from 1960. That model was the first Lotus car to achieve a Formula 1 pole position and victory with Sir Stirling Moss behind the wheel at the Monaco Grand Prix.

Modern Beauty

The four new models are officially called the Elise Classic Heritage Editions. They offer enhanced interior and exterior specs over the Elise Sport 220—the model on which they are based.

Instantly recognizable to motorsports fans, these cars each come with their own build plaques to certify their part in the limited production run. With just 100 cars being made in total, they have all the makings of a perfect collector car. Learn more

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