LotusGrill Makes It Easier to Grill on the Go

Summer’s in full swing and that means one thing: grill time. While we may debate over charcoal vs. gas and what to cook, a grill out is still one of the best things to enjoy in the summer. What’s even better is when you combine grilling with other favorite summer activities: camping, picnics, and the beach. Picture a nice sunny day with a slight breeze and juicy grub cooking. Music’s blasting in the background and everyone’s having a great time. It’s the picture-perfect summer gathering. The star of the show is, of course, the grill. What do you choose to cook your perfectly marinated and seasoned goods? If you’re looking for something small and portable for on-the-go adventures, check out LotusGrill. 

Designed for hungry adventurers 

LotusGrill, from Grill Time Inc., is a high-quality grill designed for grilling anywhere and everywhere. It’s portable and simple to use and is great for clean, smokeless grilling. The design deflects the drippings away from the burning charcoal so you have a smokeless cook, removing any risk of harmful carcinogens. The grill features quick heating and efficient cooking times. Combustion time varies between 40-90 minutes depending on the charcoal used. The temperature control fans are powered by four batteries.  

The grill has a stylish, modern, and durable design. Weighing at less than 9 lbs, LotusGrill is perfect to transport to any outdoor gathering. The grill grid has a diameter of 12.5 inches and is suitable to cook for up to five people. The stainless steel grill grid and inner bowl are easy to clean in a dishwasher. Up to 7 oz. of charcoal can be used at a time and it can be refilled any time. The outer bowl will never get hot thanks to the powder-coated steel construction. LotusGrill also features latches on the side of the outer bowl to combine the grill grid, charcoal container, and inner bowl as one safe and closed unit. The grill comes with a color-matched nylon carry bag for convenience and portability. It also includes a 2.2 lb bag of beechwood charcoal and starter gel so you can get to grilling right away. Buy Here