Flex Your Flex With These $2,720 Louis Vuitton Dumbbells

Fashion and athletics go hand in hand, especially in recent years with the rise of athleisure. Hoodies, sweats, and slides are more acceptable today and even luxury brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton have taken note. Now, that trend is expanding beyond what we wear. Louis Vuitton’s new sporting goods range is bringing your home workouts to the next level. If quarantining has given you the itch to spend, this pair of LV dumbbells will set you back almost $3k. If that doesn’t scream luxury, what does? At least they sort of do double duty as exercise equipment and the flexxest of flexes.

Work out in luxury and style

The 6.7 lb (3 kg) designer dumbbells are aesthetically pleasing with a sporty-luxe vibe. Each weight is made from lustrous metal and is finished in silver. They measure 6.30 x 6.30 x 2.76 inches and fit in your gym bag or display shelf well. The weights have a black canvas grip with the iconic LV monogram eclipse pattern in grey. House signature engravings circle the circumference of the grip. The brand’s name and weight are also engraved on the outside of each dumbbell. 

If you’re gawking at the price, the rest of the fashion house’s sporting goods range will have you cowering. The lineup includes a $670 jump rope, $2,720 volleyball, and $2,280 ping pong set. A $1,400 water bottle holder really tops it all off. These products will definitely elevate your home and level up your flex game. They also make great gifts for all the luxury brand lovers in your life. The dumbbells may not weigh much, but they will definitely feel heavy on the pockets. But hey, if you can count the many uses the dumbbells have, maybe it’s worth it. You can exercise with them, use them as paperweights, protect yourself from intruders, and display them as art. And they just look damn sleek. Is all that worth the large chunk of change? Buy Here

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