Louis Vuitton Is Taking Foosball to a Whole New Level

Frat house games don’t exactly ooze luxury. So who thought a classic college game could be classy? French fashion house Louis Vuitton did. No, it’s not beer pong (yet), but LV is dipping their luxury hands into foosball. Foosball is one of the most well-loved and common indoor games, with pool, ping pong, and beer pong in the ranks as well. LV has unveiled three foosball table designs, each costing as much as probably 2-3 years of college tuition.

While the powerhouse of high-end designer goods and fashion is best known for their iconic handbags, luggage, and other luxuries, LV also has a whole sporting goods line. The new category includes dumbbells, a ping pong set, jump rope, volleyball, skis, and even a water bottle holder. The foosball table is one of the newest additions to their top-of-the-line gaming equipment and it comes in three made-to-order styles: EPI leather, canvas, and VV

Luxury gaming at its finest

The EPI leather foosball table is 80% cowhide for a truly luxurious look and feel in your space. It comes in three bright colors that stand out in any room—cyan blue, pistachio, and fuschia—and has silver-color hardware. The canvas foosball table is covered in LV’s iconic monogram and features gold-color hardware. This pattern will definitely catch eyes and scream LV. For a more muted foosball table, the VVT is where it’s at. With a caramel white scheme, this version is less flashy while still maintaining its luxury vibes. It also has silver-color hardware.

The players are all hand-painted and are inspired by the LV groom illustration from 1921. Their colors vary based on the table’s color scheme, with combinations of white with red, blue, cyan, or fuschia. The balls are a striking bright yellow. Enamel counting coins and leather-coated handles give you a luxurious feel when counting scores and spinning. All three tables are made in France and feature LV’s signature engraving. Buy Here

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