Louis Vuitton Makes A Ping Pong Set And The Price Is Outrageous

louis vuitton ping pong

The brand Louis Vuitton is known for one thing and one thing only: luxury. The game of Ping Pong is also known for one thing: Forrest Gump. That’s not true, but Mr. Gump is a national treasure and for me his is pretty much the face of the sport. Anyway, the luxury brand and Gump’s favorite sport have finally merged and the Louis Vuitton ping pong set is the most luxurious ping pong set that you will never own. Why will you never own it? Because it costs over $2000. For a ping pong paddle and four balls.

To be fair, the Louis Vuitton Ping Pong Set has everything you need (save for a ping pong table) to play the game. And because it comes from Louis Vuitton, it also has a fancy canvas cover that holds the two high quality paddles and a matching canvas holder that carries four regulation ping pong balls.

This is without a doubt the gift for the man who already has almost everything. Or, perhaps, the very serious ping pong enthusiast, like Ping Pong’s lord and savior, Forrest Gump. After all, really high quality ping pong paddles might not cost $2000, but they can run you upwards of $300 if you want the best. Buy: $2,210

louis vuitton ping pong

If this paddle is too rich for your blood, the folks at Louis Vuitton also make a jump rope (for $550), a sunglasses case (for $450) and a notebook — yes, a notebook — (for $185).

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