Classic American Muscle Meets Modern Horsepower in the LS swapped 1969 CR1 Camaro

While many love the thought of owning a classic car, most can’t convince themselves to pull the trigger on something lacking modern power or reliability. However, thanks to CR Supercars, you no longer need to worry. They have taken one of Chevrolet’s greatest hits from the past and shoved arguably the greatest modern motor to ever come out of America into it.

Whether you find yourself cruising around your favorite country roads or tearing up the track, this LS7 fitted ’69 Camaro is begging for you. It’s all the fun of owning a classic American icon, but none of the drawbacks. Apart from the styling, there’s nothing vintage about this Camaro.

Under the Hood

Some muscle car purists tend to get a little cranky when you start pulling the plug on the cars original power supply. However, there is no need to fear, this Camaro has kept it in the Chevy family by dropping in everyone’s favorite aluminum small block V8. The LS motor. You are spoiled for choice too. This car starts with GM’s LS3 making 430 horsepower. If that isn’t enough, upgrade to the 505 horsepower LS7 ($7,000 upgrade). And for those of you with a death wish that can only be granted by even more horses, the 685 horsepower LS9 ought to do the trick ($15,000 upgrade). The V8 is sure to sound glorious and fierce due to its aftermarket headers, exhaust, and Magnaflow mufflers.

All this power goes straight to the rear wheels through a Tremec 6 speed manual gear box, and a Strange Engineering 9” rear end with 3.89 gearing. With Ricks Tanks Stainless Steel 18 Gallon Fuel Cell powered by an electric fuel pump, and a pair of 13” electric fans with a Becool crossflow radiator you’ll be sure to keep the massive V8 well hydrated and cool.

Exterior: Where the Classic Camaro shines through

Even with all this modern tech there is no forgetting that this car is a classic. With a car as beautiful as the first gen Camaro, you don’t want to mess with it too much, and this car is proof. The aggressive yet nicely flowing body lines of the car are unchanged. What Classic Recreations has done is added their CR Supercars rear spoiler, front fascia with Piaa driving lights, along with Eddy Motorsports billet taillight frames, billet door handles, and billet hood hinges. These subtle aftermarket pieces upgrade the look of the Camaro all without tampering with what makes it so nice to look at in the first place. This is quite a hard recipe to get right, but they managed to nail it.

In the Driver’s Seat

You may want to get your helmet ready before entering because this thing is ready to hit the track even on the interior. It’s got Procar Evolution seats, 5-point Camlock harnesses, a Sparco racing steering wheels, gauges that go up to 200 mph, and even an 8 point roll cage. With all this you still have plenty of creature comforts like A/C, a JVC CD player with removable face and Bluetooth, Kicker Component speakers, and much more.

Ready for the Corners

With all the power under the hood you’d be more than ready to handle it thanks to some enormous six piston Wildwood brakes with drilled and slotted 14” rotors at the front and rear. It’s also got a pair of oversized sway bars, and Chris Alstons Chassis Works coilovers in the front and rear, with optional 4-way adjustability ($4,000). All this is making sure the Forgeline wheels wrapped in BF Goodrich Rival tires (275 front, 335 rear) handle all the bumps and curves and stay gripping hard on the road.

CR Supercars have carefully modified this Camaro to make sure every inch of it is ready for any driver. With a classic muscle car offering modern performance and comfort the only question to ask is, why don’t you already have one? Learn More


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