Raise A Toast With These Badass Shot Glasses

Have you ever dreamt of being a warrior and drinking a toast out of well, the skull of your enemy? Considering it is currently the 21st century, this would no doubt be frowned upon. Now, go back about 800 years and this would have made you the coolest warlord around. Today, you’re either going to jail or the psych ward. Maybe the psych ward in jail.

Fortunately, you don’t have to toast from an actual skull to achieve the same level of badassery. Thanks to Lucky Shot USA, you can get your hands on this unique shot class set and toast your favorite beverage with all the glory of the kingdom. Did the kingdom have bullets though?

Quality From America

Now, when you saw a shot glass, in the shape of a skull, with a bullet in the side, you probably already knew it was American made. If you guessed so, you’re correct. This thing is practically screaming ‘Merica.

The 2 oz molded skull shot glass perfectly cradles a shot of your favorite alcohol. We won’t judge. But may we suggest a nice whisky? Drinking tequila may make things a little too exciting. Anyway, that’s not all this shot glass brings to the table (or the bar). It also features a hand embedded genuine, .308 bullet that is also from the USA. We love the handmade feel that this item has and the skill and quality that goes into it. Just like the bullet.

Around the lead free .308 round, you’ll find no evidence of glue, apoxy, or adhesive. It’s like the bullet is lodged in there with magic. Is this a magic bullet? No, that’s what you use to make healthy drinks. This glass is for fun ones.

Meanwhile, the beautifully detailed skull is all molded in a single piece of solid glass. You don’t have to worry about paint chipping off or pieces falling apart because this thing is built to last. It does a great job of capturing the essence of a skull when both empty and full and still manages to rest evenly on the table so you’ll never spill a drink.

Bottoms (Tops?) Up

We’ve already established that drinking from a skull makes you a badass. So we suggest doing it from this one and saving yourself the hassle of jail. The company behind it even says “You’ll feel bulletproof as you throw back 100 proof.” While we wouldn’t recommend testing this theory, it’s good to hear.

This shot glass is perfect for sitting on the shelf or resting against your lips all night. Whether you want to use it for storing M&Ms or vodka, there’s no better choice. It makes a great gift for deployments, bachelor’s parties, groomsman, or the holidays. It is also a great opportunity to treat yourself.

If you’re looking for a way to spice up your next round of shots, look no further. Strike fear into your enemies, support American manufacturing, drink alcohol, look like a badass. It’s a win, win, win, win. Buy Here



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