LUMI: A Keyboard That Teaches You How To Play Itself

Everyone loves music. Whether it’s pop, country, rock, rap, electronic music, r&b, or anything in between, everyone has some appreciation. Consequently, most people have at least considered learning an instrument. Being able to jam out and make music is undeniably cool, but the learning process can be long and grueling. With the LUMI keyboard, it makes everything easier so you can pick up the right techniques and progress your musical skills quicker than ever before.

Simplifying the Learning Process With Fun

Imagine if learning an instrument could be as fun and easy as playing guitar hero. Then you’d have basically no excuse not to learn, right?! Well with the LUMI Keyboard, it’s nearly the same thing. With an app to play along to it starts teaching you songs and rhythms in the same way guitar hero did. The keys are color-coded with LED lights to the corresponding note and key on the screen. This way learning will be quicker and more fun. Instead of reading along in a piano book and trying to memorize the notes as you key each one individually, you’ll be able to start playing simple melodies right away. This means the slow, boring, grueling part of practicing the beginner techniques will fly by and you’ll progress quickly and do it while having fun.

Another bonus of this keyboard is the functionality. Many people have trouble buying a midi controller (a shorter keyboard with limited range) because besides simple melodies you can’t play it like a full piano. However, with this design you are able to connect multiple LUMI keyboards together to build your piano to fit whatever size and range you need.

The LUMI Keyboard is a mini keyboard that will teach you to play itself. With fun games and melodies to play along with it makes the boring beginner steps more fun than ever. With the ability to extend itself into a full piano, this keyboard will grow with your abilities. It’s fun, practical, ready to grow, and has games, what’s not to love? Buy Here


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