The LuminAID PackLite Hero Keeps You Powered up Wherever You Go

Packing for vacation’s no fun. A weekend camping trip? Even more work! The packing list for those fancying mother nature is long and daunting. Unlike a regular vacation, it’s more than just clothes and toiletries. Tent? Check! Ample water supply? Yep. Sleeping bags? Of course. Knife? Yeah, it’s a staple EDC! And it goes on. Whether you’re new to the experience or a well-seasoned outdoorsman, you probably know what your camping basics are: food, water, and shelter, like most of life’s necessities. But what about light? A lantern or flashlight is probably on your packing list and rightly so. You can only do so much with a bonfire! LuminAID is a small women-owned business with a big, bright idea to revolutionize solar lanterns.

LuminAID came to light when architecture students Anna Stork and Andrea Sreshta had a project to design something to assist post-earthquake relief in Haiti. They knew that light was a critical need in survival and designed portable, solar lights and chargers that would help. LuminAID has even been featured on ABC’s Shark Tank! The company has joined programs and humanitarian partnerships like Give Light Get Light, providing more than 200,000 solar lights to families in need and in relief efforts for Syria, Nepal, and Puerto Rico.

Small, but mighty

The PackLite Hero 2-in-1 is an inflatable solar lantern and charger that packs flat. Its small and compact size makes it a popular choice for hiking, backpacking, and of course, what it was created for, aiding in relief efforts. The Hero is the best all-in-one solar gadget to keep you powered up wherever you are. It features a simple white 6 x 6 in. cube shape when inflated and folds down to a 1 in. flat square when flattened. At 9.4 oz., it weighs significantly less than a traditional lantern and all the gear you’d have to bring with it to create a solar lamp and charger.  The Hero also features a bright orange Lycra strap that doubles as a handle when the lantern’s expanded as well as a secure strap to keep it packed down or attached to your pack. The strap also allows lanterns to be daisy chained via the velcro and also has carabiner loops so you can clip in and out of your gear quickly and easily.

The Hero’s size and portability aren’t the only amazing things about the lantern’s design. It also challenges the bulkiness of most lanterns and other gadgets, like extra battery packs or cords. The Hero is fully integrated, featuring fast-charging waterproof ports and a built-in sunpower solar panel. The small, but mighty lantern also has glow in the dark buttons for easy to use after dark and SOS emergency flashing. The Hero is waterproof and dustproof so you can keep going rain or shine. It’s also scratch-proof, puncture-proof, and eco-friendly due to its durable TPU construction.

Stay powered up

You’ll get plenty of light from the PackLite Hero for all your adventuring. It produces 300 lumens and recharges in 16 hours of direct sun. It has five brightness settings with a 100 hour max run time on the low setting. The lantern charges your phone, headlamp, tablet, or other devices via micro USB in 2-4 hours with the 5V, 2 Amp Output 4000 mAh battery.

The Hero is perfect for camping, hiking, kayaking, emergency prep, and everything in between. For $69.99, you’ll get 100,000+ hours of rechargeable battery in a cool little gadget! Buy Here


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