The M.C. Hammie 5-In-1 Hammock Is The World’s Most Versatile Hammock

The M.C. Hammie hammock just dropped on Kickstarter and it is already over halfway to its goal. That shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as how it is blowing away its competition by being a do-everything hammock.

The M.C. Hammie is made with high performance, water-repellent ripstop nylon commonly found in premium tents and select hammocks. Which is why, unlike other hammocks on the market, it is able to serve as both a tent or a hammock. And since it is made from that moisture resistant ripstop nylon, it can also be used as a massive , eight-person blanket at festivals, campgrounds or wherever a dry seat is needed.

Check out more of this next-level hammock below and hit up its Kickstarter for the entire story.

Here’s what this hammock can do.

M.C. Hammie Hammock

The Kickstarter Bundle Includes:

  • Attached Ripstop Nylon Carry Pouch
  • 6x Get Down Aluminum Ground Stakes
  • 8x Aluminum Carabiners – Clip Combinations for Daaaays
  • 12’ Paracord Line
  • 2x Freedom Tree Straps (Only included for this Kickstarter)
Here’s how the M.C. Hammie stacks up against its competition

M.C. Hammie Hammock

Reserve your M.C. Hammie over at Kickstarter.

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