M12 FUEL HATCHET 6-inch Pruning Saw Shows The Yard Who’s Boss

Yard work is daunting. Especially with all of your old tools that won’t hold a charge and are so dull they won’t even cut through butter.

Make yard work fun again! The M12 Fuel Hatchet 6-inch Pruning Saw not only makes yard work fun, it also makes it faster than ever.

A Tool To End All Tools

This M12 Fuel Hatchet 6-inch Pruning Saw has the strength to cut through 3-inch hardwood. Not one, not two, but three inches of hardwood is not a match for this tool.

In just one charge you can cut 120 times. You can power through an afternoon or two on just one charge. It all depends on how ambitious you’re feeling.

This pruning saw also has three main features meant to wow you. The first is its ergonomics. Not all tools are designed with your wrist and elbow comfort in mind. The M12 Fuel Hatchet 6-inch Pruning Saw was.

Second, in terms of performance, this tool is unmatched. After all, it’s no use being comfortable if your hatchet pruning saw doesn’t even work.

Finally, there is the factor of durability. Now you are comfortable while your top-notch hatchet saw lasts all day.

A Tool That Works As Hard As You Do

Aside from the amazing features above, you can count on a few others. An easy access chain tensioner makes quick adjustments easy. A see-through oil reservoir makes checking the oil a breeze.

Meanwhile, a trigger that is pressure-sensitive allows for speed adjustments by the user. All this and it only weighs 5 pounds.

A full house chain helps to minimize vibration while all-metal bucking spikes allow for increased leverage. Your yard is already shaking with fear. This is a tool you need to add to your garage ASAP. Buy Here