The Macallan-Urwerk Flask Is The Nicest Flask You’ll Never Own

Macallan Urwerk Flask

The Macallan x Urwerk flask is, without a doubt, the coolest flask I have ever laid my eyes on. It is a collaborative effort from Swiss watchmaker Urwerk and Macallan — one of the most famous scotch whisky distillers in the world.

So what makes this flask so cool? Well, unlike other flasks, it has 156 parts. Those parts create a unique flask experience like you’ve never seen before. It has a stand that deploys, two titanium tanks allowing you to carry two different whiskeys at once, unique directional mouthpiece allowing you to switch between the two tanks, and it has Cask Indicators to remind you of what kind of whisky is in each tank. It is truly in a league of its own.

The Macallan x Urwerk flask will be a limited run of 500 units. They go on sale March 8, 2017. And once you see the price you will understand why we said you will (probably) never own it. Buy: $2,500

Macallan Urwerk FlaskMacallan Urwerk Flask

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