Magical Flames Will Elevate Your Next Bonfire

If there is one thing that people of all ages enjoy it is a good bonfire. Whether you are eight or eighty there is something magical about spending time with friends and family in the warm glow of burning wood. Expand upon that magic with Magical Flames. These packets of fairy dust put you in touch with your inner wizard. Throw them onto the fire and bring out the colors within.

Best Colored Fire Out There

If you’ve already been enjoying colored fire for any amount of time you know it can be messy. The cones, sticks, and crystals you are used to can be a big mess and they don’t produce colors as bright or as vibrant as Magical Flames. The biggest difference between Magical Flames and its competitors is that Magical Flames is much safer.

Since it comes prepackaged you never have to worry about inhaling harsh chemicals while sprinkling them over the fire. With other products, you also have to get closer to the flames. Magical Flames lets you just toss a couple of packets into the fire from the comfort of your lawn chair.

Elevate Any Experience

The best part is that you can use Magical Flames anywhere. If winter has fallen and it is too cold to go outside and sit by the fire, no worries. For those of us who have a wood-burning stove or fireplace in the house, you can use the packets indoors.

You can even take them camping. Nothing will bring smiles to more faces than seeing a big blue and purple bonfire from the tent or camper. Finally, use them in the backyard. Bring a new level to telling stories around the fire. Fireworks are over? Don’t have any sprinklers to entertain the kids? Magical Flames will save the day. Buy here

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