Go Hands-Free With The Least Invasive Smartphone Car Mount Ever

Neutron C Magnetic Car Mount

You can go hands-free with the Neutron C magnetic car mount. It is the least invasive car mount on the market, and it works perfectly as advertised. This minimalist approach to a hands-free car mount is a total game changer while driving. Never again will you worry about picking your phone up and answering on the headset while driving. Buy It Now

Neutron C Magnetic Car Mount

The Neutron C proves you don’t need a whole clunky device to mount your phone or tablet in the car. This minimalist design can be adhered to almost any surface and incorporates magnetic shielding to keep your devices safe. Plus, it offers full, bi-directional 360º rotation so you can see your phone from any angle.

The Details:

  • Allows for quick & exact attachment & detachment of devices
  • Offers full rotational viewing
  • Incorporates magnetic shielding which protects magnetically sensitive electronics
  • Camera mount screw input on the back allows it to be attached to tripods

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