The Magnetic Wristband: Your New Favorite Tool Accessory

Why hasn’t evolution given us an extra hand yet? Think about how easy cooking Thanksgiving dinner would be. Winning the Ultimate Beastmaster title would be effortless. And home improvement would be a lot faster and easier. While we won’t be seeing an extra hand any time soon, the magnetic wristband from Kusonkey is an able companion on your home improvement adventures. If you thought assembling IKEA furniture couldn’t be easier, this small wonder shows you otherwise. No more headaches dropping or losing any screws, nails, bolts, washers or other small tools. You’re basically carrying an easily accessible mini tool box on your wrist. The trouble of carrying heavy tool boxes, especially if you’re using a ladder, is extinguished with this simple wristband. This weighs less than 70g.

For something so small, it sure packs a punch. The wristband hold a lot and surrounds almost the entire wrist. The 15 powerful magnets can securely hold 144 half-inch nails or 68 two-inch nails. Made of 100% 168D ballistic polyester, the wristband is comfortable, lightweight and breathable. A velcro strap up to 13.2 cm makes it adjustable to most wrist sizes. It’s a one-size-fits-most  tool that will get your jobs done quickly and efficiently. Everyone should have this handy in their tool boxes. Buy Here

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