Walk on Clouds With Mahabis Luxe 2 Slippers

It’s the little things. Be it your favorite snack in the middle of a hectic work day or a text from someone you’ve been missing, these little things can give you a big smile. Investing in small things that make a big difference can impact your everyday life immensely. Take slippers for example. There’s nothing like slipping your feet into comfort and luxury at the end of the day. Whether you’ve been shooting hoops all day or speed walking from meeting to meeting, nothing beats taking off your shoes when you get home. If you’re a barefeet kind of guy, just rock socks, or kick it in Nike slides, take your indoor footwear game to next level comfort with Mahabis slippers.

The story behind Mahabis

Based out of London, Mahabis launched in 2014 with the goal to create simple, beautiful products so life could be more comfortable. They started by reinventing the traditional slipper, which is now sold in over 100 countries worldwide. The slippers are a mix of European craftsmanship and simple, utilitarian Scandinavian design. You can never go wrong with minimalism! After the success of the slippers, their product line expanded to loungewear, including sweaters, jackets, and trousers. Mahabis also sells backpacks and lifestyle items, like blankets, notebooks, and candles. There are six styles to choose from, ranging from outdoor-specific slippers to a lightweight, breathable summer version. For the ultimate combination of comfort and luxury in a slipper that doubles as an indoor and outdoor shoe, nothing beats the Mahabis Luxe 2.

Next-level comfort and quality

Mahabis slippers are produced at a family-run factory in Portugal and fuse innovative techniques and materials with premium comfort. The Luxe 2 features a nubuck leather upper with a cloud-soft 100% wool lining. It has a minimalist design and is available in two neutral colors: black or beige. Both styles have matching soles to the upper material. The sneaker-like sole is highly durable and suitable for all-day wear on multiple surfaces. Compared to its predecessor, the Luxe, the sole is thicker, offering more support for outdoor wear. However, the Luxe 2 does not have the detachable sole its predecessor offers. Detachable soles allow for easy washing and also lets you change up your style whenever you want. Not including that feature keeps the Luxe 2 set in its streamline design. Mahabis slippers all feature a contoured foam insock so your feet really feel like they’re being hugged by clouds. This gives you all-day comfort.

Versatile style, indoors and out

The Luxe 2 is simple, stylish, and versatile. They can be worn lounging at home in your sweats or birthday suit, but won’t be too out of place at casual gatherings. You can travel in luxury as well—the Luxe 2 is perfect for flights, especially for those long overseas hauls. Wear them onboard or while you’re running to your connecting flight. These are essential travel companions and are lightweight and will fold easily in your carry-on. At $150, the price seems a little steep for slippers, but the Luxe 2 are a true and worthy investment in your comfort and luxury. Buy Here

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