Makita Rechargeable Coffee Maker Is The Only Power Tool You Need

Sure, you probably have some really useful power tools. Maybe you have a cordless drill? A saw? Maybe even a radio that uses an 18v power tool battery? While these are all great, do any of them actually help you feel like you have more energy. Can any of them make a delicious cup of coffee? We didn’t think so. Luckily, you can get this nifty rechargeable coffee maker from Makita to solve that problem.

This coffee machine is perfect for serving as your on-the-go, jobsite coffee maker. Just plug in the 18v power tool battery you already have to power it up. This model is more along the lines of a Keurig than a large coffee maker, so it brews right into a cup. You can use your own mug, or the handy stainless steel cup (with lid) that comes with the coffee maker.

It also comes with a measuring spoon, filter, and filter holder. Just use your favorite coffee grounds or a café pod. Basically just a prepackaged portion of grounds wrapped in its own filter that you can throw away after using it. Turn the machine on and smell your fresh coffee entering your cup. Soon to be entering your bloodstream.

You can’t beat this awesome coffee machine for the jobsite, camping trips, boat outings, or anywhere else that you don’t have access to electricity. Just because your coffee pot can’t get a jolt of energy doesn’t mean you can’t get yours. Buy Here


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