Mako Slingshot Jetboard Reaches Speeds In Excess Of 30MPH

mako slingshot

“I wanna go fast. -Ricky Bobby” -C.J. upon seeing that the ultra-light Mako Slingshot jetboard can hit speeds over 30 mph. In fact, the max speed on this carbon fibre bad boy is 34 mph. Which is insane considering how small and lightweight it is.

The Mako Slingshot weighs only 42 lbs and it is compact enough to fit in the trunk of a reasonably priced SUV. Hell, at only 74 x 23.5 x 17.6 inches it might also fit in the trunk of a reasonably priced sedan.

Thanks to its innovated design and sophisticated technology, the 15 horsepower Slingshot is propelled by a two-stroke Rotron XY100 engine and its gas tank can three quarters of a gallon of gas. This allows the Slingshot to run for 40 minutes before needing to refuel. Although that is a long time, I have a feeling time flies on this board, so you better set an alarm unless you want to be paddling ashore. Buy Here

mako slingshot mako slingshot

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