‘Man Up!’ Is A Book Full Of Classic Skills Every Modern Man Should Know

Man Up! Book

Knowledge is the most powerful that can be passed down through generations. Man Up! is a book by Paul O’Donnell which teaches 367 skills every modern man should know. Skills in this book range from tasks like ‘throwing a punch’ to ‘cooking a perfect steak’.

The Man Up! book is truly a perfect for any clueless guy you should. Whether it be a 16-year-old’s birthday, a guy heading off to college, or your friend who can’t do his own laundry. This book will teach the modern man everything he needs to know in order to navigate the world successfully. From ‘making the first move’ to ‘keeping a poker face’, Man Up! is packed full of useful life skills.

It’s a little early to start talking about ‘holiday stocking stuffers’. However, I’d like to point out that we all love little gifts like this in our Christmas stockings. This book will only set you back $10 for the paperback copy, making it an ideal Christmas gift. I plan on purchasing a handful of these to pass out at The Daily Want Christmas party this year. This is also a perfect book to keep in the bathroom. With 367 skills to be learned, there’s a new task for every day of the year (and then some!). Buy Now

Man Up! Book

The Details:

  • Learn 367 skills every modern man should know
  • A perfect gift for any man, regardless of age
  • Excellent bathroom reading material

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