Is Your Inner Bigfoot Showing? Get Yourself Manscaped

Long gone are the days when hairy chested men like Magnum P.I. made all the ladies’ swoon with desire.  In today’s world if you aren’t able to keep your man-flannel in check you will only end up with looks of disgust and despair from the opposite sex.  This essentially sets your chances of getting anywhere with dimes DOA before you even get the opportunity to approach them.

But if you’re a hairy beast like myself, then I’ve got the perfect company that will help you maintain your dude forest and keep you smelling great too!  The company I’m talking about is Manscaped.


What I Received

Recently, I was contacted by the guys at Manscaped to do a review of some of their best products.  This culminated in me receiving a “Perfect Package 2.0” set and a couple extras to check out.  Included in the Perfect Package 2.0 is a “Lawn Mower 2.0” Electric Trimmer, “The Plow” Safety Razor, “Crop Preserver” Anti-Chaffing Ball Deodorant, “Crop Reviver” Toner and Refresher, “Magic Mat”, and “The Shed” Travel/Storage Bag.  I was also lucky to receive a bottle of Manscaped Refined cologne, as well as “The Crop Cleanser” Body Wash.


Smell Good, Get Her Engine Running

Immediately upon opening the shipment I could see that Manscaped was not messing around when it came to their products.  Each piece of the “Perfect Package 2.0” came in premium packaging. I took a moment to sniff the Crop Preserver, Crop Reviver, Crop Cleanser, and Refined Cologne.  Each one of these brought joy to my olfactory system.  I was also impressed that each had a unique scent profile allowing scents to combine and complement one another.

At this point I was happy to have these Manscaped products in my proverbial “tools of the trade”.  I’ve now been using each of these products on a regular basis and I’ve been thrilled with the results.  My wife has complemented how nice I smell coming out of the shower several times since I’ve started using “The Crop Cleanser”.  Not to mention “The Crop Preserver” and “Crop Reviver” have been a nice extra enticement when requesting some orally intensive labor ;).


Manscaped Picked The Perfect Test Pilot (I’m Hairy AF)

Now that I’d had a chance to use some of the other products from Manscaped it was time to put the Lawn Mower 2.0 to the test….

I decided to give the Lawn Mower 2.0 a run on my beard since it features some of the toughest and thickest human hairs known to man.  Having never been completely satisfied with all the previous electric trimmers out there I was excited to give this thing a spin.  Man, am I glad I did because it shredded through my infamous beard like butter.  No nicks or tugs, just a cleanly trimmed face that was ready for action.  I will be using this each time my bread starts to go a bit crazy.



Now that I’d trimmed my beard, I decided to take the next step and call on “The Plow” to give me a clean shave.  I’ve not had much experience with safety razors, so after figuring out how to use it I went to work shaving what was left over from the deforestation work done by The Lawn Mower 2.0.  What I quickly found was that “The Plow” Safety Razor provides a wonderfully close shave that somehow makes you feel like more of a man than those fools using their 12 blade cartridge razors.  My face had not felt that smooth in a long, long time.



The Verdict

To sum things up, if you’re a man who requires regular trimming and shaving, then you need to get Manscaped.  Between The Lawn Mower 2.0 and Plow you can keep yourself from being mistaken for Bigfoot with ease.  Once you’ve got yourself looking good, Manscapes products will help you smell your best as well which is sure to bring desired attention your way. Get Manscaped