Marathon Arctic MSAR: The Divers Watch For Everyday

In the watch world, the divers watch is typically put at the top of the spectrum in quality. They are some of the strongest timepieces out there and can endure things 90% of people will never even expose them too. With that being said finding a nice divers watch isn’t difficult, but finding the right one can be. While many of them are a bit too focused on being a serious tool for ocean depths, the Marathon Arctic MSAR is simply a nice watch for any occasion (wet or not).

An Everyday Watch

This watch is not like every other one of its competitors. While most of them are a bit clunky and oversized, this one is a bit more reasonably sized and slimmed down to better suit the everyday lifestyle. It’s not only smaller, but a bit lighter so the fit is more comfortable, even for extended wear. While this is all true, it’s still got all the strength and dependability of a real divers watch. It has tritium on the hour and minute markers as well as hands so they illuminate in the dark. Thanks to the impressive screw-down design it can work up to 300 meters (or nearly 1,000 feet to my fellow Americans) underwater.

The band is crafted very well too. It is made completely of military-style stainless steel. The band also features an engraving of the Great Seal of the United States, so you can’t forget where it’s from. This is all topped off with a classic and timeless design. It’s simple, yet not so understated it’ll go unnoticed. This means whatever the occasion, this is the right watch.

Divers watches are great, but sometimes it feels a bit unnecessary knowing it’ll never be used for its true purpose. For that reason, the Marathon Arctic MSAR was made. This divers watch has all the durability expected, but is put together to be more suitable for everyday wear. This is the last watch you’ll ever need. Buy Here


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