‘Mario Kart Live Home Circuit’ Brings Racing Home

Nintendo never ceases to amaze gaming nerds around the world. If you have not already embraced the addictiveness of the Nintendo Switch you soon will.

“Mario Kart Live Home Circuit” is a real-time augmented reality game made to be played on the Nintendo Switch. We all have a favorite Mario Kart map. Whether you are a fan of Bowser’s Castle or Shy Guy Beach, you have your go-to, win no matter what, map. Well, get ready to have your world rocked because you are about to have a new favorite map and it just might be your living room.

What’s In The Box, What’s In The Box!?

This may be the most loaded question of our generation…Mario or Luigi? I know, I know, how can you pick? Well, you are going to have to finally make a decision because you have to choose one.

Each car is equipped with a camera just above the driver’s head. These are your eyes during the race. You receive four gates to set up along your custom racetrack. You also get to two arrow signboards to help direct you in the right direction. And of course, a USB charging cable. You then control the cars with your Nintendo Switch and watch the race come to life on the screen.

Going, Going, Gone

Zoom through your living room, kitchen, or back porch. The course options have become limitless. Let your imagination free and see what you can create.

Take control of your gaming experience and experience the newest wave of Mario Kart. Welcome Mario and Luigi into your home and race with your family and friends.

This new game could end more friendships than Uno because it is about to get real. You still get to collect coins, slip on bananas, and collect mystery boxes, all from the racetrack in your own home. Buy here

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