Stay Cozy This Fall In A Marshall Hooded Jacket

The arrival of fall’s brisk air has different effects for everyone. While some welcome the cooler weather and abundance of pumpkin spice others despise the sight of falling leaves, knowing that they are a signal of impending winter. Regardless of which side you fall on (pun intended) the Marshall Hooded Jacket from Buffalo Jackson is the perfect outerwear to keep you comfortable as the seasons change.

Rain Or Shine

Whether you scurry from your car to your desk to get out of the cold as fast as possible or take your time and enjoy the crisp air, most people can’t get by without a jacket once fall arrives. Fortunately, the Marshall Hooded Jacket has everything you’re looking for in a piece of outerwear.

Its waxed canvas exterior is designed to let water roll right off when those cool rains start to fall. An attached hood keeps your head dry without needing an umbrella. Meanwhile, a removable flannel interior lining lets you wear this jacket when the temperatures are in the 50s and when they plummet to the 30s and below. Unlike some heavy-duty jackets, this one features pleated shoulders that let you move your arms easily in any direction. With buttons to adjust the sleeve size and a three-quarter zip design, this jacket fits comfortably on any body type.

Functional Design

While you could look at a jacket as a necessary piece of clothing to stay warm, you could also see it as an upgrade to your everyday carry capabilities. The Marshall Hooded Jacket features roomy pockets to let you haul your gear around.

An angled patch pocket with a flap on the jacket’s front is perfect for keeping your stuff dry and close at hand. Meanwhile, a vertical interior zipper pocket is ideal for storing valuables while you’re out and about.

House Stark may have said it first, but it’s true that winter is coming. The Marshall Hooded Jacket will keep you warm as the seasons change and once the snow starts falling. Buy Here

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