Handcrafted Marshmallow Crossbow Shoots Marshmallows Up To 60 Feet Away

marshmallow crossbow

Normally I’d say that ‘all I want for Christmas is this marshmallow crossbow’, but Christmas just passed. I’m not waiting another 11 months for this amazing toy, and the chance to fire marshmallows at my friends. Buy Here: $79

This handcrafted wooden marshmallow crossbow, or ‘Mallow Bow’, is made in Vancouver. There is an adjustable marshmallow holder to account for mallow softness.

marshmallow crossbow

The marshmallow crossbow arrives almost fully assembled aside from one piece. All you’ll need to complete assembly is a philips head screwdriver. Toys aren’t just for children, and this toy crossbow is proof of that.

Buy Here: $79


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