The Martenero Kerrison Watch Is the Reinvention of a Timeless Design

You can never have too many timepieces. Even though our phones are constantly in our hands or in our pockets and smartwatches are taking over our wrists, there’s something about having a regular watch that sets you apart. Sometimes digital just doesn’t cut it. As much as smartwatches try to emulate the analog look, something’s always missing. Take a break from staring at a screen for just a small part of your day. The next time you want to look impatiently at the time as you’re an hour into a Monday meeting, gaze into the ticking hands of a beautiful mechanical watch. Not only do classic watches look great dressed up or dressed down, but the minimal design and lack of screen just cuts out the noise. No distractions, just time and date. Sometimes simplicity is best.

Redefining the classics

Martenero is a watch company redefining the classics. The company is still fairly new to the watch game, having launched in 2014. They strive to build upon and refresh classic watch styles that have been around for decades or even centuries, and hope to create a new take on tradition. Martenero mixes tradition and quality craftsmanship with a modern twist and has made a name for themselves in the world of micro watch brands. Their watches have some of the most creative and unique designs in the industry and at an incredible value, with prices ranging between $495-$695. There are seven collections: Kerrison, Edgemere Reserve, Marquis, Ace, Founder, Edgemere, and Ascent. Martenero also sells leather and nylon straps and leather and waxed canvas watch rolls to keep all your beauties safe.

A new take on timeless

The limited-run Kerrison is what Martenero boasts as their most versatile watch yet. The watch’s design features sensibly balanced color schemes that aren’t too loud, but still make a statement. The Kerrison comes in black, white, silver, and dark blue 42mm faces. Whichever color you choose, you’ll have the wrist support of high quality, luxurious leather straps that complement your watch’s overall look. Depending on the color, the straps come in brown, dark blue, and black. The Kerrison’s color palettes lend to its more modern take on a classic silhouette and design.

The placement of hands and indexes as well as the background on the dial also make this watch a unique piece. The 316L stainless steel case has a mix of polished and brushed finishes as well as twisted lugs. It features sapphire crystal on the front and back and a screw-down crown, which makes the Kerrison water resistant up to 50 meters. It’s powered by the Japanese-made Miyota 9015 automatic mechanical movement with a 42 hour power reserve. The full exhibition case back displays the finished movement inside.

The Kerrison looks simple, but the attention to details and the balance of fun with refined, timeless design make it a versatile timepiece. Each watch is assembled and checked for quality in Brooklyn, New York. The Kerrison is covered by Martenero’s two year limited warranty and costs $595. With the unique design of the Kerrison and the great price, this modern-yet-restrained watch is a great piece to add to any outfit. Buy Here

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