Maskfone Is The Best Athletic Face Mask On The Market

Masks have become as natural to us as putting on socks and underwear. The creators of Maskfone noticed that there were not many masks on the market made for exercising.

Whether you want a mask to wear to the gym, out on a jog, or even just want to talk on the phone better in public, the Maskfone does it all. So, let’s dive into how safe and comfortable the Maskfone really is.

The Inner Workings

Although the Maskfone may look like your everyday mask, beneath the surface there is so much more. The mask has a replaceable PM2.5 N95/FFP2 filter. This works to clean the air that you are breathing both in and out and does so better than a surgical or cotton mask.

It also has a built-in microphone so you can have phone calls in public without having to pull your mask down. Meanwhile, the Maskfone reduces the muffled sound that comes with trying to talk in a mask. Finally, it has built-in earbuds. This helps alleviate the stress on your ears caused by having multiple things pulling on them.

Comfortable and Safe

At this point, we all know the importance of wearing a mask to protect those around us. Maskfone wanted to make a mask so useful and comfortable you wouldn’t even want to take it off once you get home.

The earbuds are a part of the ear strap and the media controls are located along your jawline. You don’t even need to take your phone out to change the song or answer a call. Maskfone makes it easy to exercise or take business calls in the Starbucks line in a safe and efficient manner. The question at this point is why don’t you have one yet? Buy Here

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