Matador NanoDry Shower Towels Are Like Being At The Spa Every Day

Just because you’re out there roughing it does not mean you have to rough it with your skin. Your skin is your outermost organ. All it wants to do is love and protect you, so why don’t you love and protect it back? Doing so just got so much easier with Matador NanoDry Shower Towels.

Towel-tally Awesome

Towels are usually bulky and take up a ridiculous amount of space in your backpack or suitcase. When it comes to traveling, you don’t want to have to pick and choose what comes and what stays just because you’re running out of the room.

With Matador NanoDry Shower Towels you won’t have to worry about that ever again. The towel comes in a silicone carrying case that keeps it safe from getting ruined by your other stuff. It also keeps your gear safe from your maybe still damp towel. If you’re really running low on space, the case comes equipped with a carabiner clip so you can attach it to the outside of your bag.

This towel may pack up small, but it is actually the size of a full-body towel. It’s also worth 2.3 times its weight in water. That’s right, it can absorb 2.3 times as much water as it weighs. You may be thinking, “All that water can turn into some pretty gnarly bacteria and funk.”

Well yes, it could, with an ordinary towel. However, the Matador NanoDry Shower Towel is covered in an antimicrobial coating to prevent just that.

Happy Skin, Happy Life

A NanoDry Shower Towel will help make all of your adventures that much more enjoyable. At just 5 oz and 47 inches by 24 inches, it is hard to beat something that packs such a mighty punch with so little effect on your carrying capacity. Buy Here

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