Bring All Your Gear With This Matador SEG42 Travel Duffel BGag

The struggle of packing for a week-long trip is immense. Not only do you have to decide what to bring, but you also have to find a bag to carry it all in. A rolling suitcase works well but it’s bulky and takes up a lot of space. Plus, who actually wants to carry around a suitcase?

The SEG42 One-Bag Travel Duffel from Matador is a perfect alternative. This sleek duffel has plenty of space for all your gear whether you’re embarking on a weekend camping trip or a week-long getaway.

Meet The Matador

This duffel has everything you could ask for in a travel bag. Unlike other bags, you’ll never need to worry about digging around for 10 minutes to find your last clean pair of socks. The SEG42 features built-in segments that work like packing cubes to keep you and your gear organized.

They make packing, organizing, and finding your stuff a breeze.

The SEG42 duffel is built with extremely tough materials that are ready for any adventure you can think of. Yes, it will even survive the rough baggage handlers at your hometown airport. Can you say the same for your current luggage?

Intelligent Design

Most of the time, you can’t say that a bag is smart. If you’re talking about the SEG42, then you definitely can. Along with its organization segments, this bag features a padded laptop pocket that you can access from the outside. There are also two quick-access pockets on either end. This keeps your essential gear handy. 

With backpack straps and reinforced haul handles, you can carry this bag in a variety of different ways. That’s good since you’ll be stuffing it with lots of gear thanks to its 42L capacity. Best yet, the SEG42 duffel is designed to meet the carry-on requirements of all major airlines. Take that, outrageous bag fees. Buy Here