Maus UV Redbar: The Electric Torch of the Future

This special edition electric torch from Maus is truly something from the future. The UV Redbar is incredibly powerful yet small and precise. If this UV light isn’t enough to do the job for you, then your job must be impossible, because this little tool does it all.

Highlight Worthy Features from Maus

Unless you’re a horological professional who specializes in making and maintaining high end timepieces you probably are having a hard time imagining how a little flashlight can be so much better than other little flashlights. Well, first I should probably tell you this isn’t exactly a ‘little flashlight’. This is an electric ultraviolet light torch. The ultraviolet light lets you see things typically invisible and hidden completely from the human eye. It’s powered by a Calibre 416 Light Engine. This gives a constant output of light in any of the 3 intensity modes regardless of battery life. With simplicity in mind, the Maus is easy to control. Simply twist to turn on and cycle through intensity modes.

It runs off a double-a battery and is hardly any larger than one making it very easy to handle and work with. The little electronic bits inside consists of lots of gold. This is not only impressive sounding but highly functional. Gold ensures a consistent strong electrical connection and keeps it from overheating. The Maus UV is tightly put together with O-Rings that water seal is on all edges. On the tip of the torch is the highly complex lense. It’s a double AR coated Sapphire crystal lens and features a parabolic reflector.  The Sapphire lens is nearly invincible and scratch proof as well as perfectly clear to let out as much light as possible. The parabolic reflector concentrates the light to produce a smooth and well formed beam to make it even easier and more precise to use.

What Makes The Redbar Special Edition So Special?

Launched in association with the Redbar group this Maus torch is unique and extremely special. Like all Maus UV light products it is constructed of titanium, making it strong and light. In fact, titanium has the highest strength to weight ratio of any metal on Earth. Every letter carved, and every microscopic pyramid on the grip was carefully and slowly and carefully engraved ensuring the best build quality possible. They do things the right way, not the fast way.

The Redbar is one of the few electric torches of its kind which feature an ultra violet ray. It also has red enameled engraving to proudly show its association with the Redbar group. With a signed serialized Horween Shell Cordovan sheath and packing personalized to order this special edition is genuinely special. Whether you need a tool to work on classic watches or simply illuminate the hidden ultraviolet sensitive objects our eyes could never see, this electric torch can do everything you’d possibly want and even more.

From the professional timepiece worker to a camper or adventurer looking to spot arthropods by their UV sensitive glow in the night, the Maus UV Redbar Special Edition Electric Torch is a one of a kind specialty tool ready for any job. Pick one up and start exploring with your new ultraviolet tool. Buy Here



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