MAXX Flat Bench Makes Your Workout Safer And More Effective

Everyone who lifts knows the importance of having someone spot them when lifting a large amount of weight. As important as it is to get those last few reps for the best results, safety is even more important. The bench press is considered one of the best lifts. Unfortunately, it can be dangerous should your arms give out. That’s where the MAXX Bench comes in. It acts as your own personal “spotter” and lets you lift safely while still getting those last few reps.

The MAXX Bench uses a revolutionary hydraulic design that gives it the stable feel of a normal Olympic style lifting bench. However, should you need help, all you need to do is push down on the foot lever. Once you do, the hydraulics will quickly lower you down, allowing the bar to rest on the rack and not your chest.

The hydraulic system is more than just for safety, however. It is also a great convenience. If you need to adjust the height, there is no more messing around with those annoying pins. Instead, use the foot lever to precisely set the bench’s height where you need it. Then, when you get up, it will automatically rise back up to the starting height.

This bench is great for your weight room whether you have a state-of-the-art power rack system or want to use it as a standalone utility bench. Its wheels make it easy to move between machines and its easy-adjust height means it is compatible with almost anything. If you’re tired of asking the giant next to you for spotting help, then this bench is for you. Seriously, that guy can curl what you bench. Is that even allowed? Who knows. With the MAXX Bench, your workouts (and your pride) will be much safer. Buy Here

maxx bench

maxx flat bench

maxx flat bench

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