The Mealthy: A Versatile Cooker That Offers Quick Meals and Amazing Taste

I love cooking and preparing healthy meals for my family, even more so now that we have a young daughter, who I want to learn the value of enjoying the art of creating and eating a healthy and delicious meal. However, with a full-time job, a gluten-free husband and busy life, finding easy and compliant dinner options is a top priority. That’s why I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to try out a Mealthy MultiPot as well as a Mealthy CrispLid.

The Hype

I’ve heard so much lately about multi-use pressure cookers and how much you can do with them, as well as how quick and easy they are to make a meal. You tell me “quick” and “easy” and I’m instantly intrigued! So, how did the Mealthy MultiPot and CrispLid measure up? Keep on reading to learn more!

The Mealthy MultiPot is a multi-function pressure cooker/slow cooker that also can make rice, yogurt, and saute meats and veggies all in one place. Along with the pressure cooker itself, the Mealthy comes with a lovely stainless steel bowl, a trivet for steaming and lifting things up, a steamer basket, 2 handy silicone grabbers to take out your hot foods from the bowl, and an extra rubber gasket, as the gasket can pick up the scent of the foods you make and having two allows you to have one for sweet foods and one for savory foods. (good thinking, Mealthy!)

It also came with some little plastic measuring cups for soups and rice, but I haven’t had to use those due to having better utensils at home for those purposes. And the CrispLid? It’s a separate product that features the CrispLid itself, some tongs for grabbing your air-fried goodies, a silicone trivet to placing your hot CrispLid on the counter, and a taller 3 inch trivet and air frying basket to put your crispy fried tasties in.

The Meals

Ok, features done. Now is the real question you want to know- does the Mealthy actually make tasty things? Are they quick? Easy? I took one week to make 4 different meals and foods in the Mealthy MultiPot, using different functions. Here’s my take on each one:

Hard-Boiled Eggs

HB eggs are great for snacking, egg salad sammies, and just a great protein. My daughter loves to eat them and I do too! So when I saw that the Mealthy did hard-boiled eggs, it was the first thing I had to try! It’s sooo simple- put your eggs in the steamer basket on the trivet, pour in a cup of water, and press the egg button on the Mealthy control panel. 5 minutes and a bowl of ice water later, you have amazing hard-boiled eggs!

No weird gray yolk, easy to peel, and a great snack-a-roo! I was extra happy at how easily the eggs peeled, as I often have problems with getting my hard-boiled eggs to peel without egg shells sticking to the egg. 

Ease: very easy

Taste: delicious and great consistency

Do it again? I just made 9 more eggs while writing this article!

Chicken, Beans, and Rice

The first dinner I made in the Mealthy was shredded chicken with black beans and rice. I could eat Mexican/Hispanich food any day of the week, and so this meal caught my attention, along with the fact it was a one pot meal. I used the steel pot to first saute my garlic and onion, then easily added the rest of the ingredients.

From there, you close the lid and let it pressure cook on high for 15 minutes! Easy peasy! One small consideration though: while it does cook for only 15 minutes, you also have to allow time for preheating(about 10 minutes) and pressure releasing(another 10 minutes), so it’s not quite a 15 minute meal. What it is, though, is 35 minutes of set-it-and-forget-it. I caught up on a little reading, played with my daughter, and cleaned some dishes while I waited, which was super great. 

Ease: easy

Taste: yummy with cheese, not the prettiest looking because of the black beans

Do it again? Sure!

Slow Cook Chili

For the slow cooking feature, I tried out a basic chili recipe with ground beef, kidney beans, crushed tomatoes and all the spices. You use the stainless steel pot included with the mealthy for slow cooking too, and I was pleased at how easy the pot was to clean in the dishwasher after dinner. I browned my meat, then dumped everything in on low for 5 hours.

I like that the Mealthy switches over to “keep warm” once your slow cooking time is up. My elderly Crock-pot doesn’t have that feature, which makes meal timing more difficult. 

Ease: incredibly easy

Taste: tasted just as good as other chili I’ve made in the crockpot. 

Do it again? Definitely!

Fried Chicken With The Crisplid

Finally, I needed to try the CrispLid, so what better recipe than crispy fried chicken? Using almond flour for my gluten-free husband, I breaded up my chicken drumsticks, and set them in the fryer basket.

They cooked for 25 minutes and gave us somewhat crispy, non-greasy fried chicken! The chicken was nice and moist, but I wish the coating would have been a bit more crispy. I had a tough time cleaning out the fryer basket afterward. That’s my biggest complaint here. 

Ease: not too bad, had to pay a bit more attention and flip chicken half way through. I also hate the mess of breading.

Taste: really good!

Do it again? Ehh….clean up was tough with the fryer basket and lots of dishes to clean. Maybe for a weekend meal, but not week night.

The Mealthy MultiPot: Worth it? Oh yeah! I’ve quite enjoyed using it and will continue to try new recipes, especially the quick and easy ones for when school starts. I also have to mention that Mealthy has a great app for your phone with tons of recipes in many categories(including gluten free!), as well as grocery lists and meal plans. I love it when someone else makes my grocery list for me! If you’re looking to make the move to pressure cooker land, make sure to give the Mealthy a close look- it’s a definite contender! Buy Here


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