Measure Anything and Everything with the Measure King

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by a retracting metal tape measure. We’re in 2018, people. Metal tape measures just don’t cut it anymore. From not being able to measure anything that’s not straight to risking slicing your finger, metal tape measures are one old school tool that we just don’t need anymore. With iOS 12’s new Measure app, measuring things have never been easier. The app uses augmented reality to measure lines with the back camera of your iPhone. It works well enough, but as of now, it can only measure straight lines. So what if you really want to measure how big your dog’s stomach is or the circumference of your apple tree? Enter the Measure King 3-in-1 Digital Measuring Tool, the new and innovative way to measure.

What makes Measure King better?

Measure King measures faster, easier and more effectively with three different ways to measure: roll mode, flex cord, and laser mode. You’ll be able to measure any and all surfaces with this amazing tool. It is made of heavy duty and durable construction grade material and is tough enough to handle any project. The tool has a backlit digital LED display that’s easy to read so you can clearly see what the measurements are. No more two-person jobs or craning your neck to see the tiny ticks on regular tape measures! Measurements are accurate to 1/100th of an inch and you can switch between units of measurements. Whether you’re a contractor, plumber, carpenter, handyman, or just an everyday person, Measure King is a must-have in your toolbox.

What are the three modes?

The three modes on Measure King ensure you have accurate measurements without any hassle. Flex cord takes away the pain and nuisance of standard tape measures that can’t wrap around round objects or anything that’s not straight. The mode works similarly to a standard tape measure except it can be wrapped around objects. Another plus is instead of seeing the measurement on the cord, it would be shown on the display. You can measure up to 11 feet in cord mode.

Roll mode lets you measure irregular shaped objects or on any curved surfaces. The attached wheel at the bottom of Measure King rolls on the surface, accurately measuring. Roll mode can also be used for measuring longer things, such as a cinder block wall. Laser mode is perfect for long or hard-to-reach areas. All you have to do is point the laser and measure the distance instantly! Laser mode can measure up to 25 feet. The measurements for all three modes adjust in real time.

Another cool feature is that you can freeze any measurement by pressing the large Measure button. Measure King also features a handy belt clip so you can keep it with you on the go, at home, IKEA, Home Depot, anywhere. The tool also features three small red buttons that let you power on, change measurements, and reset and clear the display. Say goodbye to those crinkly, risky metal tape measures that are always annoying to use. Measure King does it all! Buy Here


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