The MEATER+ Lets You Control Food Temps With Your Phone

There’s nothing worse than prepping a delicious meal only to have it overcook. All that time marinating ribs and wings or tackling your grandma’s prized pot roast recipe ruined by dry-as-bones texture. While some people just inherently know when the food’s done, many aren’t so lucky. For those poor unfortunate souls, a meat thermometer is a must in the kitchen arsenal. For some extra help, there’s even a tech savvy one you can control with your phone: the MEATER+! It’s a wireless smart meat thermometer with up to 165 ft of Bluetooth extended range. No more guessing. The MEATER+ gives you perfect results every time.

Simple, smart, and sleek design

Whether you’re getting ready for a weekend cookout or baking something for a dinner party, the MEATER+ has your back. It’s simple to set up and simple to use. The MEATER+ comes with a probe and charger. The probe has a sleek look, not too far off from a pen, is water resistant and easy to clean. It’s made of food grade stainless steel and has a heat resistant ceramic handle. The maximum internal temperature is 212°F and ambient temperature, so for your cooker, is 527°F. It’s rechargeable and can cook for 24 hours uninterrupted.

When it’s taking a break from hours of cooking, the probe charges up and rests in a sleek wooden charger. It’s made of real wood and the simple design doesn’t look out of place in any kitchen or outdoor space. The charger also features a magnetic backing, so you can save counter space and stick it on your fridge for easy access or anywhere else. It uses one AAA battery and can charge the MEATER+ up to 100 times. The LED indicator shows battery and connection status.

Monitor your cooks on your phone

The other key factor of the MEATER+ is the app. The MEATER app estimates cook time once you select the type of meat you’re cooking and how you want it cooked. It even shows what cook levels are USDA Safe, but that doesn’t deter the Medium Rare and Rare steak lovers. The app will show you the internal and ambient temperatures, the target temperature, and count down the cook time. Once it’s ready, the app also takes into consideration any carry over cooking for perfect results. The app lets you set notifications as well, like when the ambient sensor detects a significant change in temperature or if you’re out of range. The app is available for Android and iOS. MEATER also offers MEATER Cloud, which lets you monitor your cooks on the go and track in real-time on a web browser. You can also connect to Alexa!

Forget the wires and batteries. The MEATER+ is 100% wireless. No need to hunt for batteries in your drawers for the probe to work though you do need to keep AAAs on hand for the charger! The MEATER+ connects via Bluetooth 4.0. to the charger and the charger then repeats the signal to your device, connecting to the app. You can even extend the range of the signal with WiFi using MEATER Link if you have an extra device. The MEATER+ is definitely a must have for any cook. Cook without worry and save time for other important things…like planning dessert! Buy Here



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