Meditation Journal, Cheaper Than A Therapist

Before you try to lie to yourself and say you don’t need this, let’s take a look at the Meditation Sidekick Journal’s target audience. This journal is good for anyone who has a hard time keeping up with meditation schedules, doesn’t know how to meditate or thinks that they are not good at it. It is also for those who want to amp up a meditation routine that is already established or improve internal dialogue.

Delivering The Benefits Of Meditation

What are the benefits of meditation anyway? Back to the bit about internal dialogue, meditation helps to establish a positive self-rapport and teaches you how to help alleviate self-deprecation. It is also relaxing and can help you focus on goals or even fall asleep at night.

The major focus of the journal is to help you understand how to meditate on the daily and reap the full benefits. The pages are filled with guided meditations that will help you learn to value of this exercise and see yourself in a more positive light. These are what they call inner tools; designed to help you learn to see inward and change how you think and feel about yourself.

There are also content centered pages to keep your mind activated and encourage you to leave the realm of common thought. The third page style is tracking pages. These are designed to keep you goal oriented on meditating every day. They allow you to choose your own system of accountability which helps to make it personal.

How A Journal Can Change Your Life

How is a journal going to be that beneficial? Well, the authors put a lot of time and consideration into making it into something that flows and does not make meditation seem like a chore. Everyday you are introduced to new tools to assist you in your inner self exploration. The Journal is also filled with external tools, things like information and resources, to help you further your meditation techniques and effectiveness outside of the book’s pages.

The tracking pages are all formatted the same way, making consistency a breeze. This allows for easy comparison to track your growth. With specific questions you are able to open up your mind and emotions and allow yourself to grow spiritually.

The journal is divided into phases, once again making tracking progress a breeze. This is one less thing you have to stress about. The stress about how to organize and what to write just floats away as the guided meditation and tracking are laid out for you.  There are 66 tracking pages. 66 may sound like an odd number but it was chosen with care. The authors state that research has been done to prove that this is an efficient number of days to establish a new habit. By the time you finish reading and using the journal, you’ll have effectively formed a new meditation habit.


As you can see this journal has been crafted with care. It is now time for you to take care of yourself. Let this meditation journal help you learn how to better love yourself and establish a habit that you will only continue to reap benefits from. Buy Here


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