Experience European Luxury With The Mercedes AMG S 65 Final Edition

As much as we all love American-made goods, there is a historical tradition of European craftsmanship being just a little superior. Whether its precision in a watch or luxury in a car, Europe never fails to create something great. That is no different for the Mercedes AMG S 65. This sleek car is nothing short of perfection.

If you want to feel like the Queen of England or perhaps James Bond, this car is for you. The limited-edition S 65 comes from a small family of just 130 vehicles worldwide. Aimed at collectors and fans of twelve-cylinder engines (yep, you read it right), the S 65’s stylish looks and elegant feel make it a car to dream of.

Meet The Horses

The AMG S 65 marks the pinnacle of the S-Class Saloon and its history of powerful performance. This car packs a punch with a 6.0-liter V12 biturbo engine. It boasts a roaring 630 horsepower and is equipped with the AMG Speedshift TCT 3-speed automatic transmission. You can race from 0-60 mph in just 4.1 seconds. Considering that this is one of the more “affordable” performance cars on the market, this is incredible.

What the S 65 boasts in power, it backs up in style. A comprehensive scope of equipment comes standard with the car and it embodies the element of prestige you think of when you get behind the wheel of a Mercedes.

The S 65 Final Edition comes ready for those black-tie events, wearing high-gloss obsidian black paint. Its exterior is complimented by 20-inch multi-spoke wheels and air inlet grilles in a special matte bronze color. Finally, tailpipe trimmings in black complete the look in the rear of the car.

Luxury Inside

Inside, the Mercedes may be even more impressive. You can relax in style on exclusive black nappa leather with copper-colored topstitching. Trim elements come in high-quality streaked with fine copper threads to match the exterior and make the car truly one of a kind. As if that weren’t enough, pre-configured ambient light also glows in a copper color.

In the center console, a limited-edition badge “1 of 130” confirms the car’s status as a collector’s dream. Overhead, a panoramic roof lets you control your environment. Meanwhile, you have control over almost every other feature of the car. That includes temperature-regulated cupholders for keeping your drink the perfect temperature. Extra? Nope. Just right.

Though driving this car is a thrill, you may want to be the passenger instead. After all, the right seat features a leg rest and reclines to a 43.5-degree angle for optimal relaxation. The other seats aren’t bad either. All feature total control and adjustment thanks to 12 electric motors. Maybe you should give someone else a turn to drive and relax in luxury. Or keep the wheel to yourself. We won’t judge.

For fans of European luxury, the Mercedes AMG S 65 Final Edition is a heartthrob. The 604 horses will also get your heart throbbing. Besides, even if you don’t care about that, who doesn’t want temperature-controlled cupholders? We know we do. Learn More



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