‘Merica 50 Caliber Bullet Bottle Opener Shows Off Your Patriotic Pride

America, guns, and red, white & blue. What could be more patriotic? Oh, well an ice-cold beer by the barbeque of course! With this bottle opener, there will be a bald eagle soaring over your home in a matter of minutes.

This handmade bottle opener is handmade from genuine US military shell casings that were once fired in combat. The maker gets them directly from the United State Department of Defense to ensure their authenticity. The 50-caliber shell casing is then cleaned and formed into the bottle opener shape. Each bullet deserves a second chance, why not let it open your beer for you?

Although the story behind the bullet is cool, the engraving on it makes it even cooler. Each casing is fitted with a dummy tip to replace the original lead and then painted red, blue, or polished to keep the original brass finish. The, the motto: “‘Merica. Est. 1776”, along with a US flag is engraved into the side. Not only will this clever tool get your bottle open, it will do it with true patriotic pride.

Each bottle opener comes shipped in a velvet bag (because why not?) and in a custom gift box. If you can think of something more patriotic than ‘Merica Est. 1776, then feel free. You can get a custom message engraved on the bullet instead to show off your own personal USA pride. Never go thirsty again and do it with pride using this genuine 50 cal. bottle opener. Buy Here

merica 50 caliber bullet bottle opener

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