Mic Lock Keeps Your Device Safe From Spying And Hacking

When news broke a few years ago that smart TVs were being used by the CIA and hackers as a way to listen in to private conversations, the world took notice. Just like your computer’s camera can be hacked, the microphone on your devices can be too. That includes computers, phones, tablets, and more. If it has a microphone, it could get hacked. With the Mic Lock, that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Keeping your data and your life private is important. Even though technology is big in our daily lives, we don’t want it listening. To take back your privacy and peace of mind, just plug in the Mic Lock. It goes into the 8mm headphone/microphone jack and can stay there as long as you want, but can be unplugged when you need to use the microphone.

Once it is plugged in, the device sends a signal to the hardware and tricks it into thinking that the Mic Lock is the default microphone. But, instead of listening to any audio, the device broadcasts silence to any would-be spies who are listening in.

The Mic Lock is the only solution for electronically blocking your microphone on the market today. It is attachable to a keychain for easy, on-the-go privacy and uses a rugged metal housing to keep it safe. You can be confident that the Mic Lock will always be ready to keep your privacy safe. Just make sure no one is standing behind you and listening in. Unfortunately, it isn’t capable of stopping that just yet. Buy Here

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