Mighty Vaporizer Is Here To Put A Smile On Your Face

Love vaping your herbs but don’t have the right vaporizer for it? Look no further than the Mighty Vape. This powerful handheld vape is both easy to use and is compatible with whatever you like to vape with. Whether you prefer herbs or thick waxes/concentrates, Mighty has you covered.

Mighty comes from the legendary manufacturers Storz and Bickel. Vape fans will instantly recognize the name as they also made the at-home vaporizer Volcano and another popular portable model the Crafty. Like the two that have come before it, Mighty is on track to become a fan-favorite in no time.

It is slightly larger than the Crafty but is still extremely portable. Mighty is about the width of an iPhone and is about an inch and a half thick. So, you can easily conceal it in bookbag or purse, but it might not be the most comfortable for carrying around in your pocket.

Mighty is heavier than most portable vaporizers due to its incredible battery. Speaking of, the battery will last you up to 90 minutes of continuous use and can be used while charging. It takes around 2 hours on a wall charge to fill up.

If you’re itching for a session, no worries. Mighty takes just a minute and a half to heat up before it is ready to go. There are heat controls built right in to the bottom of the vape so you don’t have to mess with your smartphone or an app. This unique feature isn’t common on many portable vapes and helps the Mighty stand out from the competition.

One of the Mighty’s best features is that it takes no practice to use. Each draw is smooth and consistent for beginners and experts alike to enjoy. This is perfect for vaping in a group with friends or for enjoying it while engaging in other activities so you don’t have to focus.

Mighty uses a hybrid conduction and convection heating unit that evenly and consistently heats your herbs with no technique required. This also gives you extremely good vapor quality considering that this is a portable vape.

The chamber holds 0.3g with a very fine grind and about 0.15 with a coarser grind. It works well with either type so the choice is up to you. If you want to use less than a full chamber, just place the included liquid pad on top for the best results. The Mighty uses a unique cooling method that puts the vapor on a longer path, allowing it to cool before reaching your lips. Outside, grooves along both sides act as heat sinks to keep the Mighty cool in your hands during use.

If you’re a vape aficionado, then you definitely need to add this awesome product to your collection. It is perfect for sharing with friends or for use around the house with all of your favorite herbs, waxes, and concentrates. Buy Here



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