Honda’s Miimo Robot Lawn Mower Is Like A Roomba For Your Lawn

Miimo Robot Lawn Mower

As someone who kind of enjoys mowing the lawn and doing other yard work, I am conflicted by Honda’s new Miimo Robot lawn mower. On one hand, this Roomba-like lawn mower can save me time and energy, but on the other hand, using it might cause me to lose all sense of purpose. Real conflict!

Anyway, the Miimo Robot lawn mower operates using a boundary wire and 360-degree sensors that allows it to not only sense where it is, but also various obstacles like shrubs, animals, gigantic twigs that want to destroy it, etc. The Miimo mower also runs quietly on an electric battery and it has the ability (depending on the model you buy) to mow for 30 or 60 minutes before needing to self-charge. Buy: $2,500

Miimo Robot Lawn Mower

Honda Miimo: The Robotic Lawnmower by MarlynStack

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