Feel Like A General With This British Army Watch

A watch is supposed to make you feel something. Whether you’re feeling classy in a shiny Rolex or rugged in a hard-nose Timex, your watch should help give you a confidence boost. But what if you want something more? What if you want to feel like a general? We’ve got you covered.

With this vintage, military-inspired British Army General Service Watch, you’ll be feeling like a throwback serviceman. Blending together updated technology with vintage styling, this watch is built with skill and quality in mind.

Meet Military Watch Company

There’s nothing cooler than wearing a piece of something bigger than yourself on your wrist. This watch helps you do just that. Military Watch Company has been outfitting military units, first responders, police forces, and all the rest of us for decades. Their sleek, robust timepieces are military-inspired, and it shows.

Each facet of this unique watch highlights the precision and careful decision making that Military Watch Company puts into every watch. For example, this watch features the encircled “T” that was present on authentic British Army watches. This touch of historical accuracy makes us love it even more.

Say Hello To The 40s

Well, kind of. Though this watch draws heavily on the influence of 1940-60s British Army watches, it also features all the necessary upgrades of the 21st century. The subtle black dial is nestled inside a heavy 316L stainless steel case. Meanwhile, upgraded 24 jewel automatic movement keeps you on time, all the time.

Speaking of that dial, it is complimented by illuminated number markers and hands. The bold green color contrasts sharply with the black dial perfectly and helps you see the time quickly regardless of the light conditions. While this wasn’t necessarily the colors used on the original, the scheme works well and certainly pays homage to its military roots.

To keep that solid case on your wrist, Military Watch Company used a hearty canvas strap. The strong tan material is reminiscent of the original army watches. It is also extremely durable and comfortable. Unlike leather, you can wear it even when you’re sweaty or when it may get wet.

High Quality Build

Everything about this watch screams quality. For one, the stainless steel case that features a screw down design. No popping this watch apart. In fact, all the metal parts of it are stainless steel because Military Watch Company doesn’t believe in cutting corners. Here at The Daily Want, this is something we can get behind.

Covering your dial is a plexiglass/Perspex piece that resists glare and scratches. It also helps provide water resistance at depths up to 30 meters. Like we said, this is a watch you can wear everywhere and every day.

Whether you’re looking for a watch to wear in the office, to the gym, or on your next adventure, this British Army watch is ready to do the job. You’ll feel like a general from the moment you put it on to the moment your co-workers salute you as you walk by. Buy Here

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