The Mitsubishi Mi-Tech Concept Is a Buggy of Dreams

Sweet dreams are made of this. The thing with concept cars is you never know if they will go into production. While concepts, or some parts of them, will sometimes make it into the assembly line, chances are they’ll stay in your dreams. A dream that debuted in this year’s Tokyo Motor Show comes from Japanese automotive manufacturer Mitsubishi. The Mi-Tech is a robust-looking open off-roader with a hybrid powertrain. This isn’t like any buggy you’ve ever seen. It’s the buggy of the future.

Sleek, but tough

The Mi-Tech features pared-back bodywork, blocky lines, and fat fender flares. It looks pretty tough, which makes it great for any off-road adventures you can imagine. What sticks out for this concept car is that it has no roof and no doors. While it looks cool, it would be difficult and expensive to make an SUV with no doors that could pass safety standards. That’s one reason the Mi-Tech won’t be in our garages any time soon. 

The concept stuns in light blue body color with a secondary copper color in a motor coil motif on the grille, inner wheels, and interior. It has t-shaped headlights in the front for a distinguished look. Inside, the Mi-Tech features a spare design with a body-color dash and cutouts for vents. The dash is simplified, making for easy usage. A front handgrip also makes it easier to operate them. The interior also features piano-key buttons and a fullscreen heads-up display for that modern touch. 

Underneath this beauty is a compact new PHEV drivetrain and advanced driver assist. The Mi-Tech runs on four motors, each controlling an individual wheel. This means you can adjust power precisely in off-road situations. The car is a plug-in hybrid. When the battery’s out, electricity would come from a turbine engine, which comes to reason number two of why this car may be staying in our dreams. Mitsubishi currently has no car-ready turbine engines. The benefits of a turbine is its high power, small size, and smooth operation. It can also run on just about any combustible liquid. The Mi-Tech is definitely a dream off-road buggy. It’s a great concept and one can hope that maybe one day it’ll come into production. Learn More

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