MIZU Oceanfast Superyacht: A Boat That Truly Lives Up To Its Name

Before getting into this boat I’d have to admit when it comes to yachts… I’m not hard to impress. I can’t say I’ve seen a yacht I’ve hated before, and they all look pretty great to me. With that being said, the Oceanfast Superyacht is nothing short of incredible. As a proper long ocean-going craft cable of long-distance voyages all in a beautifully pristine body that looks fit for a movie screen.

Leading Every Category of What A Yacht Should Be

This yacht has a lot of impressive details so let’s get right to business. The Superyacht measures in at 174 feet with a 29 foot beam and 8 foot 2 inch draft. That is a massive boat. As huge as this is, it can still do 28 knots. Considering most yachts cruise at under 10 knots this is blistering. With a fuel capacity of over 23,000 gallons, this yacht is well equipped for plenty of long range voyages- as any self titled ‘superyacht’ ought to be. While these details are important, its equally important to know the commodities and rooms of this ship. With the huge size comes 10 guest rooms and 5 staterooms.

The interior of the whole yacht is very modern and bright, so even on the stormy days you can go inside and enjoy yourself. As amazing as all that room is, there is even more. When it comes to entertainment they’ve got everything from a jacuzzi to a basketball court. Whatever tickles your fancy, you can find aboard the amazing Superyacht.

Most yachts are pretty impressive looking to the average onlooker. But as the name might tell you, the MIZU Oceanfast Superyacht goes above and beyond. This makes other boats look more like canoes. Not only is the performance that of a proper traveling yacht, but the sheer size of the thing is enough to leave you in awe. While the $14,900,000 price tag is just a tad out of my budget, it sure is nice to dream. Buy Here

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