Mizuno MP-18 Irons Are Completely Customizable For Every Golfer

mizuno mp-18 irons

If you look in a professional golfer’s bag, you often times see a mix of clubs. They might be from the same manufacturer, sure, but pros have the luxury of being able to mix sets. For instance, they might use blades for their scoring clubs (PW – 7-iron) and then transition into easier to hit clubs for their long irons. It makes complete sense. Why wouldn’t you want to make the harder clubs easier to hit? Well, thanks to Mizuno, gone are the days when you have to buy one full set of golf clubs that all look and feel the same. The Mizuno MP-18 irons come in three different sets (each with varying levels of forgiveness) but they are customizable so you can buy a full set or pick and choose from all three. They even have special hybrid clubs to choose from for your long irons.

Let’s take a look at the club options, shall we?

mizuno mp-18 ironsFirst we start with the MP-18 MB blades. A player iron if there ever were one. These are best used by highly skilled golfers, but even if you’re barely sub 10 handicap, now you have the option of using these as your PW-8-iron without the fear of having to hit the 4-iron from the same set. Buy Here

mizuno mp-18 ironsThe second set in this line are the MP-18 SC, a cavity back club that offers slightly more playability and forgiveness than the MP-18 MB. Like the MB, however,these are a great option for a full set for better players or for scoring irons for the high single-digit handicap golfer. Buy Here

mizuno mp-18 ironsThe MP-18 MMC (Multi-Materical Construction) are the third and final full set in the Mizuno MP-18 irons family. They are the longest and most forgiving clubs in the MP-18 line. If you are on the fence about mixing and matching different sets, these are a great option to go all in on. Buy Here

mizuno mp-18 ironsAnd now we get to the MP-18 MMC FLI-HI, a limited set hybrid club that is offered from 6-iron to 2-iron. The FLI-HI is a brother to the MCC in that it also features a multi-material construction which is used to improve both ballspeed and forgiveness. Buy Here

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